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Ruby Rose by X-CityWolf-X
Ruby Rose
So I've started a project where I will be painting portraits of all of the team RWBY members. Maybe I'll do team JNPR as well, I haven't decided yet. We'll see if my stocks of paint will survive this endeavour. Each one will have a headshot, letter, emblem, weapon, and quote.

So! Here's the first one, Ruby Rose.

I kind of screwed up Crescent rose, I know, and that is completely my fault. I started by using a screen shot of the Red Trailer for sketching it out, then when I found another picture and was like, "Oh shoot. They did some changes between the Red Trailer and final thing. Oops." So yeah, the mistakes are my fault for not doing careful enough research. d:

I put the bits of Weiss's emblem in the background to represent the fact that Ruby and Weiss are partners, and made the area around the quote yellow and slightly resemble the bottom of Yang's emblem to represent that Yang and her are sisters. (half sisters if you wanna technical on my tail)

I had to use that quote though. It's so far my all time fave quote from Ruby, and immediately became my excuse for not going to more public events. X3

So yeah! Painted with water colours as all my paintings are. :3

Thoughts? Tips on where to improve? Shoot them my way! I'd be glad to hear 'em.
Team RWBY Emblem by X-CityWolf-X
Team RWBY Emblem
So, you know how in RWBY, all the characters have their own individual emblems right? Well, I thought, what if the teams had Team Emblems that were made up of pieces of the individual members emblems? :D And so I put this together for Team RWBY. X3 You'll notice that if you go from top to bottom, the colours are in order.

Lol Nerd.

The emblem is fire shaped to represent the teams burning passion to become full fledged Huntresses. (however confused their reasoning to the passion may be as we've seen in recent episodes, the passion is there nonetheless.)

Yang is at the bottom, and the flares of her emblem stretch up to encompass the others because I feel like she's really the foundation of the team, keeping everybody together.

Blake is right next to Yang, because they are partners, plus it fits the spelling.

The reasoning for Weiss's positioning on the emblem is essentially the same as Blake's. It fits the spelling, plus she's Ruby's partner.

Ruby's at the top, for the obvious reason that she's the leader.

So ye! Painted with water colours. :3 I'm going to see if I can try to get one together for Team JNPR as well, see if I can come up with something.
Mini Rose by X-CityWolf-X
Mini Rose
A friend is going to go as a RWBY themed Red Riding Hood werewolf for Halloween. :3 She was looking for a little scythey thing that could fit in a basket, and I offered to put one together, and here it is!

based on Ruby's Crescent Rose from Rooster Teeth's RWBY series, but is in no way supposed to be Crescent Rose. Simply just loosely based on. XD
I see a friend who walks alone,
An act that I just cannot condone.

Whether he likes it or not, I'll be there at his side,
Doing my best to match his stride.

While we cannot see, what our destiny may be,
I know one thing, for sure, and that's we are free.

We have a freedom that we won't lose,
A freedom to be who we'll choose.

One day we'll know, what life will unfold.
One day we'll know, what story to be told.

We must have the patience in our heart,
To wait to understand where we'll start.

Yes, I know that it's hard...
But we simply must wait, 'till God plays our card.

Hang in there with me, my friend.
Before and after, our stories end.
I'll Walk With A Friend
Just trying my paw at poetry.

I'm pretty sure I suck, but please, if you have any thoughts or comments, especially pointers on where I went wrong and how to improve, shoot 'em my way. I'd like to know what you think and hear some input.
Xavier Reference by X-CityWolf-X
Xavier Reference
I had posted a different reference sheet before, but it wasn't very well done, so I thought I'd try my paw at digitally updating it. Going to remove the old one from DA, seeing as how this is an updated design and all that. XD

it should be told, that this was a template that I found online and altered slightly/coloured in, and am no way responsible for the art, only the design. Special thanks to Jannette brown, the lady that posts templates like these onto the internet for free use. :3
So, I've started up a FA account. XD Come stalk me or say hi if you wish.

You can find my profile page, here:…

Also, expect a lot more water colour paintings. X3

That's all for now. Byes! :3
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Xavier Nightwing
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[G] Just gonna stand there and watch me float... by Reshireka Blue by VengefulSpirits

Hello. My name's Xavier. Nice to meet you. :) I'm just like any other ordinary 18 year old wolf with any other ordinary job. I guess I really started drawing in 2011. If you're wondering, I don't really do anything other than pencil work, but I have experimented with water colour on a few occasions. I also started doing tribal style with Sharpie Pens in 2013. I do my shading with different colour pencils, most of the time, but sometimes I do same colour shading. I used to do one colour shading, but I decided that on most occasions multi colour looks better. I mostly do fan art of copyrighted stuff, but a few things are original. And all of my space paint is original. ... Um, not sure what else to put in here. Anywho, Thanks for checkin my profile out. :) I'll see you later, maybe? XD

(October 29, 2013 Update)

I've started making props. :D I'm not too great at it yet, I can only manage simple ones that do not involve foam. ^^' The flat foam boards, yes, the big foam that you have to cut, shape, sand, and whatever, no. o.o Mainly cuz I don't have the tools. :P Ah well.

(February 4th, 2014 update)

Scratch that! I have the tools now and have been crafting with them for a month or so now, just forgot to update this. XD Lol

(March 31st 2014 Update)

Started digital art with the Colors 3D drawing aplication for the Nintendo 3DS. :3

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?


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